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Knives Out’s Parody Wellness Brand Now Has Its Own Perfect Goop-Like Website

Move over, Gwyneth. Here comes Joni!

Toni Colette in Knives out

As many have already written about, Toni Collette’s performance of Joni Thrombey in Knives Out is exactly how many of us think Gwyneth Paltrow runs her website, Goop. So, it’s only fitting that Flam, the fictional website that Joni is trying to make a thing in the movie, has its own real-world website now. Right?

The site, which is just one page, has products listed as unavailable because of a dispute with the FDA, and reader, I tell you, I cackled. But then again, it does have Toni Collette saying “Flam” over and over again on the main page.

It’s hard to not look at this stuff and not make a comparison between Joni as a character and the real-life business aspect of Gwyneth Paltrow’s questionable “wellness” brand—and others like it.

Is Knives Out the best movie of this year? It’s hard to say. Is Toni Collette giving us her best Gwyneth Paltrow something we should be talking about more? Yes, most definitely.

(image: Lionsgate)

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