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Charlize Theron Fights a Lot of Men in First Atomic Blonde Clip, Gives Me Life


We could not be more excited ’round these parts for the upcoming action/spy flick Atomic Blonde, and now our anticipation is all the more justified as Charlize Theron beats the holy hell out of a host of armed men who come at her.

Atomic Blonde stars Theron and James McAvoy and is directed by award-winning stuntman-turned-director David Leitch, who worked on John Wick and will direct Deadpool 2. The film is set in 1989’s Cold War-era Berlin, with Theron as a British spy sent to investigate the death of one of her fellows. Stylistically, the whole thing looks gorgeous and spot-on for its setting, and we’re intrigued by Atomic Blonde’s use of sexuality (and in this scene, music). It’s thrilling to see a woman so confident in ass-kicking and getting to undertake the James Bondian role, and this first extended scene makes it even harder to wait for July 28th.

Leitch’s action prowess and skill with fight choreography is in full effect in the clip, and equally so Theron’s considerable ability. Per EW, Leitch praises his lead, who at this point is a bonafide action superstar: “When you have someone who can do it, you have a lot more freedom in how you want to express it visually. In terms of martial arts style, she gave me the flexibility to do everything I wanted to do.”

Listen, I could watch Charlize Theron neatly dispatch gentlemen all damned day (please do not ask me how many times I have seen the new Mad Max). What’s even cooler here is that her character, Agent Lorraine Broughton, is clearly taking pains to get rid of her attackers without killing them. Sure, it means a lot of injuries and broken bones, but she doesn’t seem interested in leaving a pile of bodies behind.

This is shaping up to be the summer of action women—let this trend extend unto forever, please.

(via EW, image: screengrab)

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