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Firefly Cast Gather for Sci-Fi Expo Panel, Mostly Talk About Dicks

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you


Well, after a post about superhero vaginas, we couldn’t leave the guys out, so here’s three videos from this weekend’s Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas, where four members of the cast of Firefly gathered to answer fan questions about the brilliant and abruptly cancelled series. Some embarrassment occurred after a fan mispronounced the name of Alan Tudyk (Wash), who was not actually present.

More clips behind the jump!

Jewel Staite (Kaylee) on working with Adam Baldwin (Jayne).

Then, everybody started sharing stories about Adam.

But eventually cast members simply shared their favorite moments of shooting.

To get off the topic for a moment, Sean Maher (Simon) discussed some wardrobe trouble on the set of Warehouse 13.

Do the cast ever hang out when they’re not at cons?

One fan asks Jewel Staite about embodying a rolemodel character for young girls, and her response is great:

And Staite goes on to talk about why Joss’ writing made it possible for her to be that rolemodel.

(via Scifi Mafia.)

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