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Finally, a Kid-Friendly Version of Avengers: Infinity War to Prepare for Endgame


True story: A preteen in the row in front of me when I saw Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War got up and left the theater when T’Challa was dusted. As emotionally wrenching as the movie’s cliffhanger ending was for adults who already knew the fallen heroes would eventually return, it was an especially devastating moment for kids who aren’t used to that kind of thing happening to their favorite spandex-clad heroes.

Some parents, understandably, might have even been reluctant to show the movie to their kids (or may have walked in not even expecting what was to come, and walked out having to pick up the pieces). Now, the Avengers have come to the rescue once again, this time with a kid-friendly(ish) version of the story read by Earth’s mightiest heroes themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

After all, Avengers: Endgame is coming up next month, and it stands to be at least a bit more uplifting than its predecessor in bringing back those who met their fate at Thanos’ Snap, and probably at least not ending on such a downer, even if bringing the “Infinity Saga” to a close carries a dark (for Marvel) tone and brings its own sad moments. Now you can bring the kids up to speed without emotionally scarring them for life.

Of course, while it’s billed as kid-friendly, “Twas the Mad Titan Thanos” still includes all the dusting, and the Avengers reading it throw in plenty of their own commentary for the “adults” in the room to keep things balanced—from Thanos’ familiar-looking chin to infighting over whether Thor or Star-Lord deserves a bit of blame for the completion of Thanos’ plan. (I’m with Chris Hemsworth/Thor on this one, tbh.)

Truly, a children’s classic for the ages.

(image: ABC)

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