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Too Many Leftovers? These Fictional Foodies Will Help!

Some might even eat the plate the food was put on.

I love me some leftovers. I don’t think it gets any better than reheated mac and cheese because the cheese remelts and [insert drooling Homer Simpson gif here]. That’s why I can respect a good “food is amazing” character, the one that takes a second to stuff their face with delicious food because life’s too short, yo. That being said, I tend to grow tired of leftovers after a couple of days, but I know in my heart of hearts that the characters on this list would devour what’s in my fridge until there’s not a single crumb left.

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Bless your hearts, big eaters.

  • Kirby


Not only is Kirby able to vacuum food into the void of his stomach, not only will he suck you up to copy your moves, but he’ll look ADORABLE doing it.


Look at this adorable menace. He’s gonna eat the turkey and the pan it came in. Maybe the oven? Oh dear …

  • Yoshi


I will never forget this ad that was released for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. There’s this man who won’t stop eating and then he just … explodes.

Fortunately, Yoshi never explodes, he just eats (or struggles to swallow certain enemies) and manages to keep that cute dino appearance. Part babysitter, part kart racer, all clever dinosaur who weaponizes his tongue AND the food he consumes by turning it into eggs. Truly an icon.

  • Link

A hero’s gotta eat, right? And Link certainly does that. Honestly, he’s an entire mood, being pretty expressionless during his incredible journey until he throws those ingredients in a pot and watches them bounce around. I too feel nothing after a long day until food is put in front of me.

  • This extremely relatable Pokemon


I’m not gonna pretend like I know a lot about the newer generation Pokemon, but knowing that this Pokemon (Morpeko) has a hangry mode pleases me.

  • Goku (and Saiyans in general)


Just an entire race of big eaters. All of them. Every single one. But there’s something special about Goku. I dunno, maybe it’s because we get moments like this:


But perhaps… there’s a new challenger?


It sure is, Beerus. It sure is.

  • Luffy


I’m sorry I forgot him in this piece here I just don’t go here (as in I don’t watch One Piece), but yes, from what I’ve heard (and seen from looking at gifs) Luffy belongs on this list.

  • Yukito


Proving that you can truly eat whatever you want when you’re cute and everyone has a crush on you. Every time he shows a hint of embarrassment about his insatiable appetite he’s told that it’s healthy to just… eat everything… because no one’s about to be that jerk who makes him feel bad. Eat all the things, Yukito! Just down an entire loaf of bread!

  • Sailor Moon


Dear Usagi Tsukino. Thank you for showing me that there’s always time for good food. Considering all the shit you go through please eat whatever the hell you want, when you want. I’ll strive to do the same.



Ok yes, it’s mainly the same thing over and over again, but everyone’s got their favorite, right? That probably means your leftovers are safe, but if you really wanna chow down with someone I recommend this chubby king:

  • Sasha


An eater who likes to live dangerously. Not only will she steal food, she’ll straight up eat it at the worst possible time (like, on the first day of training). Much respect to a reckless queen.

  • Fat Gum

Let’s eat!

I want to eat with him. I especially love that no one shames him for his size AT ALL. Nothing but respect for Fat Gum.

Extra shout out to resident shy boy, Tamaki Amajiki (he’s the one with the hood covering most of his face). While he does have a food-based quirk, since he ends up adopting the characteristics of what he eats he’d be pickier, and more calculating, about it.

Also, my girl Momo. I see you and your creation quirk:

  • No Face

I feel like, instead of explaining, I should share a bunch of gifs.


D’awwwww, that’s fine.


Um, that’s—


You know what it’s Thanksgiving weekend. As long as it’s nothing exceedingly negative that’ll change your gentle nature into something malicious we should be fine, right?

  • Winnie the Pooh


As much as I love this silly ol’ bear with his red top and unapologetic love for honey, maybe be a tad more cautious? Much like Sasha, he’s willing to take risks for food, getting himself stuck in trees and whatnot. Basically, if you see a cute bear wiggling around your fridge for leftovers, it’s Pooh.

  • Shaggy and Scooby-Doo


Look. If you’re tired of making sandwiches with leftover meat, invite these two over. They’ll demolish all the sandwiches. All. Of. Them. And polish it off with a Scooby Snack.

  • The Ninja Turtles


Another good choice for what to do with leftovers. If you slap it on a pizza they’ll eat it, just deliver it to the sewer or wait for them to show up in that amazing trenchcoat and hat disguise.

  • Dean


Admittedly, I tapped out of Supernatural pretty early (season 5, I think?) but according to the Supernatural viewers on staff this list was made for Dean. I too wish to wink at a pie from across the room, Dean Winchester.

  • Georgia

Life’s too short not to enjoy a good meal.

My final, completely self-indulgent choice comes from Last Holiday, a movie where I got to watch a Black, plus size woman (Queen Latifah) enjoy a good meal, guilt-free. Life truly is too short to give a shit about other people’s opinions about you and your body. ESPECIALLY in 2020.

By all means, reheat that plate and eat well, friends.

(Image: FUNimation)

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