Feed Your Pokémon Needs With the Release of the Full-Length Fan Game Pokémon Uranium

Before Nintendo makes it Pokémon Unobtanium.

Inspired by Pokémon GO (but wanting a deeper Pokémon experience), you’ve gone back and played the originals, and Pokémon Sun and Moon aren’t coming out until November. What’s a Pokémaniac to do? You could grab HeartGold or SoulSilver for the absurd prices they’re at on Amazon right now, or you could take Pokémon Uranium, an impressive fan game, for a spin for free.

Right now, the game is only available on PC, with Mac support on the way, but it’s the result of about nine years of hard work and features Pokémon staples like online battles, trading, and over 150 brand new Pokémon to catch. The only thing standing in your way to explore the Tandor region and protect the world from radioactively mutated Pokémon at this point is other fans, as Uranium‘s site was brought down by the overwhelming demand, according to the creators. (It’s back up now, but it loaded once for me after several tries and appears to still be spotty.)

The other thing that might get in your way, of course, is Nintendo and The Pokémon Company coming down on this game just like recent events with a recent Metroid fan gamePokémon Uranium is hardly the first fan-made Pokémon work, though, so hopefully the slightly different nature of the Metroid II remake means that game’s fate won’t be the same as this one’s. In the meantime, the developers are continuing their work with patches to the game, and players can report and discuss issues on the site’s forums.

(via Polygon)

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