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“Faux Pirate of Interest” Tries to Make Debut in Pirates of the Caribbean 5

He totally gets bonus points for the parrot.

Faux Pirate

In Completely Ridiculous news, a dude dressed like a pirate (complete with a real parrot on his shoulder!) tried to get onto the Australian set of Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales (the original title, of course, being Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Do We Really Need Another One?). Police were called when he pulled a knife on a security guard, then fled, thankfully, without harming the guard. Queensland police are currently on the hunt for this wanna-be Jack Sparrow.

What I want to know is….what was the plan exactly? Like, let’s say you’re dressed as a pirate and you manage to make it on set. Do you think the background performers don’t know each other? Do you think that Johnny Depp is gonna be your new BFF? All I’m saying is, that parrot had better have been able to talk, or do tricks, or something, because there was no way it was gonna end well for this guy, no matter how far he got.

Although the police did release his photo and it got tweeted everywhere, so I guess he got the fifteen minutes of fame he wanted after all.

Also, after this guy supposedly ran off into the nearby bush… what happened to the parrot?

(via A.V. Club)

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