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Farmer Builds Nightmarish Bear-Electrocuting Robot, We’ll Never Sleep Again

The B-800?


Standard scarecrows don’t really keep bears out of your crops, so Mustafa Karasungur, a 46-year-old Turkish farmer and inventor, built a robotic one that looks like an old-school Doctor Who villain and roams your nightmares his fields swinging a chain charged with 25,000 volts. Have fun looking over your shoulder for red-eyed, electrified bearminators every time you hear a car alarm from now on.

Luckily, its CPU is not a neural net processor, nor does it possess AI of any kind, so regardless of what effect it has on how you sleep for the next few nights, it won’t be coming to get anyone in real life. Unless you wander into Karasungur’s fields, that is, because that means the robot also has no way of telling friend from foe.

Like the combination scarecrow/tin man it is, it has neither a brain nor a heart and just wheels around with its cold, red death-stare, zapping everything in its path.

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