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Fan-Made Chrono Trigger Sequel, Crimson Echoes, Released

Almost two years ago, Square Enix attempted to prevent a fan-made Chrono Trigger sequel, Crimson Echoes, from ever releasing to the public. The project uses sprites from the original Chrono Trigger, so Square Enix kind of had a point, in that the fan-made sequel was infringing on their intellectual property. However, a day ago on reddit, a user named buu700 posted what he claims to be the final release of Crimson Echoes for all to download and enjoy.

The game is in a ROM format, so you’ll need to play it with some kind of emulator, a problem that a handy Google search will quickly alleviate. Those who’ve tried the game out have a few issues with it, mostly with the characters’ various dialects being somewhat different from their original Chrono Trigger incarnations, with the biggest difference being Chrono Trigger’s silent hero, Chrono, actually speaks dialogue this time around. Another reported difference is that Chrono is also no longer the main character, in order for every other character to get their fair share of story.¬†While the fan-make seems to somewhat deviate from the original Chrono Trigger feel, a few reddit commenters do say that once they got past the issue, the game started to feel natural and develop a decent flow.

However the fan-make turned out, it’s currently readily available for anyone to try out.

(reddit via Joystiq)

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