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We Can’t Get Enough of the Messy Family Dynamics in the Final Eternals Trailer

The Eternals trailer

Eternals is coming this November and is a fantastical new take at heroes who have been around for centuries in the comics. The problem? They were told they were to not interfere unless the Deviants were there. Which meant they sat on the sidelines for the Battle of New York and Thanos’ rise to power and eventual demise.

In the final trailer for the Chloé Zhao film, we get a better look into the dynamic between these heroes. I love the messy, entangled history they all have together and the many intriguing “family” dynamics we’re going to see explored throughout the movie. Since, apparently, some of them haven’t seen each other for centuries.

With each new introduction, we get to see who these characters are and their interactions with each other, including Phastos talking about his IKEA furniture that Ikaris decides to break since he thinks that it is vibranium. The final trailer is giving us just a dollop of plot and honestly, that’s all we needed because we’re already all in.

I love that Richard Madden is using his real accent and has his gray streak. I love that Gemma Chan seems to want to kiss both Kit Harington and Madden and I just want Brian Tyree Henry to get to enjoy his safe house and IKEA table.

With the recent magazine covers from Entertainment Weekly, we got a glimpse into who these characters are but they are still, for the most part, a mystery. This trailer did, however, give us some further insight into their powers (and I love Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo with his finger guns).

Are Sersi, Ikaris, and Black Knight all going to make out with each other? Because I’d love to see that throuple in action! Are we going to understand why Salma Hayek’s Ajak has decided that they now have to intervene? I have so many questions that need answers now because of this exciting trailer and it’s going to make the next two months of waiting feel like an eternity. Which, I guess, the Eternals would know a lot about.

An element that Marvel often excels at is to give us families to care about and the complicated relationships. We’ve seen it time and time again with our Marvel siblings like Gamora and Nebula, Thor and Loki, and most recently Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova. (Parents often fare somewhat worse, especially fathers.) Seeing such an enormous “family” dynamic play out on a larger scale with immortal beings who have been on earth protecting these humans that they seemingly love? It’s going to be brilliant.

Eternals is still set to be released in November of 2021 and getting to see Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao’s take on the Marvel world is going to be breathtakingly beautiful. Who better to tell such a fantastical story than her?!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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