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Marvel’s New Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer Has Bucky and Sam in Couples Therapy?

Work out your problems and then kiss, please.

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson

The new trailer for Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier is here and we’re all thinking the same thing: Bucky and Sam are just in love with each other.

The trailer is giving us a lot to work with as fans of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. With their dynamic in Captain America: Civil War and beyond, we’ve fallen in love with the way the two play off each other, so much so that we, as fans, have craved more of it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large. And now, the wait is over.

The Disney+ show is set to start airing this March, and it’s been a long time coming—meaning we’ve been waiting since Civil War for something with the two of them, and then we thought we were going to get it in August of last year, but … well, COVID kept our boys from us.

Now though, we’re closing in on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and this new trailer gives us a deeper look into Sam struggling with the Captain America mantle as well as dealing with the U.S. Government trying to take it from him. And don’t forget Baron Zemo back to finish the job of ridding the world of superheroes!

More than all of that, though, this specific trailer is showing us the growth between Sam and Bucky. All we’ve seen is them bickering, and without Steve Rogers as their buffer, it can only be fight on top of fight, right? Or at least that’s what this trailer shows us.

And so, Bucky and Sam are working out their differences with a mediator. So … they’re in couples therapy, right?

If this entire show is just Bucky and Sam dealing with their loss of Steve and falling in love? Perfection. I just want them to kiss. Hell, I’ll take them hugging it out if it means watching as Bucky and Sam show affection for each other.

But more than that, this show is also breathing new life into Sharon Carter. A character who got the short-end of the stick throughout the MCU, I’m excited to see Sharon joining the crew and instantly kicking ass. I hope that she remains that way throughout the season because she deserves her time just as much as Sam and Bucky do.

Is this show going to be a lot of bros fighting together? Probably! And I’m okay with that because I love Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes and I cannot wait to see how the show tackles these comic storylines I think they’re going to get into.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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