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Fake New Zealand Batman Visits Police HQ, Demands to Speak to Commissioner Re: Batsignal

What It Says On the Tin

Police in Christchurch, New Zealand were recently visited by a “scrawny” caped crusader who stepped into the their central station and demanded to speak to the Commissioner, so he could ask him why he’d been called by the signal lights in the sky, and what the problem was.

Do we need to mention that he was accompanied by a guy with a camera? Or have you guessed that already? From World News Australia:

Sgt Jones, who was just clocking on when the hero arrived on Sunday, said he was too “scrawny” to make a convincing Batman, adding Robin would have to be “6 foot 4 and built like a tank to help him out”.

Well, that just seems mean. But I guess if you were a cop in that situation and you said “I’m not the one wearing hockey pants,” then everyone would know you were justs as much a nerd as the guy making the video. Choices, choices.

By “signal in the sky” the Batman presumably was making a reference to Christchurch’s White Lights of Hope, a memorial to the casualties of recent local earthquakes which looks like this:

After “a brief chat” and some laughs from officers, Fake Batman left freely with his camera man, presumably to valiantly fight any fake crime that came across his path.

(via Feministe.)

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