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Facedrink, the Social Energy Drink

In what one would initially think is a joke, the energy drink you see to the left, unfortunately dubbed “Facedrink,” seems to actually be real. It can still be a joke, sure, but it seems to be a purchasable, tangible item selling on Amazon for $18 for a six-pack. As one can see from the label, the drink purports to somehow be a social drink, providing social energy. You are now free to make that joke about alcohol you want to make.

What is social energy, you ask?

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Social energy is what you need to manage all of the events in your life. Whether it is work, school, sports or just getting through the daily routine, Facedrink provides you with a boost of energy to manage it all.

So, regular energy. But Facebook-branded. I’m not entirely sure how it was allowed to make a product so closely resembling Facebook, but that is probably because Facebook hasn’t caught up to it yet. Also, naming your possibly-real-possibly-not energy drink after something that sounds like a new subsection of fetish videos? Come on, man. Head on over to Facedrink’s website, which has a URL that sure makes the product seem fake even though someone will take your money on Amazon for it.

(via Geekologie)

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