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The Doctor Will See Into You Now: X-Ray Goggles To Be Used In Medicine

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Anyone with a fear of needles knows the anxiety of getting blood work done or taking medication intravenously. Thankfully, a new pair of Space Man X Ray Goggles by Evena Medical has been designed to make your next doctor’s visit slightly less painful for all involved.

Evena Eyes-On Glasses use spectral (is that a pun?) technology, pulsing four different kinds of light onto the patients’ skin to form one complete image of their vascular system.  The image shows up on a tablet and is also projected directly onto the patients’ body, like Google Glass but with more blood.

Evena claims the Eyes-On are able to penetrate deep below the skin to provide an unprecedented view of the vascular system, and that the hands-free technology will allow medical professionals to give patients their undivided attention. It’s also going to make all of our doctors look like cyborg nerds, but in a way that’s oddly comforting.

After injection, the glasses will also allow healthcare professionals to check inside the body for leakages from an IV, a potentially lifesaving technology for chemotherapy patients.

The Eyes-On are slated for mass production by April, and will retail for around $10,000, which could buy you a lot of Google Glasses, but this is for science, guys.

(via Among Tech, photo credit via Mario Klingemann)


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