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Pizza Hut Introduces “Subconscious” Menu With Retina-Scanning Technology

More like Rapid Pie Movement, AMIRIGHT?

“Words?! Menus?! These things, much like, ‘magic’ are ‘weird.’ Here, lend me your beautiful eyes! Give me your sight-balls! Control this menu with your mind! Cook this pizza with the heat of your desires! BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!”

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As part of a continued dedication to impressive weirdness, Pizza Hut is rolling out a “Subconscious Menu” with retina-tracking technology, designed to quickly determine, based on eyeball movement, what toppings diners really want on their pie. I’m not sure whether or not the robot butler speaking in the above video will come standard at all Pizza Hut locations, but one can only hope. Maybe if my vision-orbs want it badly enough?

(Via The Daily Dot)

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