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Exclusive: Check Out an Awesome Clip From the Captain Marvel Blu-ray

Carol Danvers and Nick Fury in Captain Marvel

Higher, further, faster, baby.

Captain Marvel didn’t just shatter box office expectations (sorry, haters), but she set up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The highly anticipated home release of the film, which comes out on digital on May 28 and blu-ray on June 11, will be packed with bonus features exploring the film in depth and showcasing Carol’s importance not only to fans, but to the MCU itself.

The Mary Sue got an exclusive look at one of those clips, titled “We Need You,” which explores the response to Carol.

The clip includes interviews with Brie Larson, Kevin Feige, and Kelly Sue DeConnick, among others, all discussing why Carol is a strong hero and role model. Feige reiterates the importance of Carol to the overall franchise, saying she’ll lead the MCU going forward. The future of Marvel really is female. Check out the clip below.

It’s great to hear the creatives behind Captain Marvel talk about how important Carol can be to audiences. Carol has inspired women for years in the comics, and it’s amazing to see her take to the big screen to lead the charge in future Marvel movies.

Overall, the Captain Marvel digital/blu-ray sounds fantastic. Fans will get a director’s commentary from Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, six deleted scenes (including a look at what form the Supreme Intelligence takes when Yon-Rogg communes with it and an extended scene of Carol being told to smile), and even a featurette centered on breakout feline star Goose. It all sounds amazing for fans of the film, and will probably have some Easter Eggs for us to expand on for the future of Carol’s journey.

Check out the blu-ray cover below.

The cover art for Captain Marvel on blu-ray.

(images: Marvel Entertainment)

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