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EXCLUSIVE: A New Marvel Comic ‘Marvel Unleashed’ Highlights the Best Heroes: Pets!

Lucky the Pizza Dog in Hawkeye sitting on a couch

You know what’s better than our favorite superheroes? Their pets! There are so many amazing pets in the world of Marvel comics that fans have flocks to loving. My personal favorite has always been Bucky Barnes’ cat Alpine (and I’m still waiting for her live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) but there are so many pets that have become beloved characters in the world of Marvel. And now, they’re getting their time in the spotlight!

MARVEL UNLEASHED, coming in August, is all about the pets. Written by Kyle Starks, illustrated by Jesús Hervás, and with a beautiful cover done by David Baldeón, the issue sounds like the perfect addition to the world of Marvel comics. “When Kraven abducts Lockjaw at the same time a local scientist mixed up with A.I.M. goes missing, it’s up to Throg the Frog of Thunder, Redwing the Falcon, Chewie the Cat Flerken, Lucky the Pizza Dog, Bats the Ghost Dog and their scrappy new ally D-Dog to save the day. But there’s more to this case than meets the eye, and something infernal lurks in the shadows.”

It’s all very exciting and not only for fans, Kyle Starks is also just so happy to be sharing this comic with fans! “I can’t wait for everyone to see what Jesús and I are doing with these beloved characters,” Starks said.  “We’re going to show you something you’ve never seen before. These aren’t pets. They’re heroes.  And we’re going to unleash them on the Marvel Universe.  We’re going to put our favorite Marvel animals through the ringer in an exciting thrill ride like you’ve never seen these characters go through.  It’s going to be, if anything, a whole lot of fun!”

For Hervás, it was about doing something completely new! “I’m really happy to take part in this series and draw something totally different from anything I’ve done so far! Kyle wrote a really great story, and gave me the opportunity to draw some much loved characters and create some emotional and charismatic new ones. Fans can definitely expect to find something fresh and a lot of fun here!”

Marvel Unleashed exclusive cover reveals

Marvel pets rule

The comic is exciting for a number of reasons. One being that it is true, the real heroes are the pets that our superheroes choose to have in their lives. Chewie (who fans may know as Goose in the Captain Marvel universe in the MCU) saves people time and time again. And getting to see them as their own heroes, as animals ready to fight the powers that be? It’s really exciting!

That it is Kraven who captures Lockjaw though? All the better because you know that these ferocious heroes are ready to protect their friend—even if Alpine isn’t there. (Then again, she has no superpower so maybe it’s for the best that we let the super-powered pet heroes come to Lockjaw’s rescue.)

Marvel Unleashed exclusive cover reveals

Who would have thought that we’d ever get a super pets comic where they all have to protect their friend? It rules! And from what Kyle Starks has said about the comic, it is going to be one that fans won’t want to miss! Marvel Unleashed will be coming our way this August and so you have a little while to wait.

But isn’t that what they say about the best things? They’re worth the wait?

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