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Everything We Know About ‘Blood Of Zeus’ Season 2

Zeus is a pretty terrible dad, but the anime drama Blood of Zeus makes him almost likable. Almost.

He’s way better than he was in the Ancient Greek stories. That guy was a menace. Turning into a giant swan and molesting people? No thanks. I see enough perversion reading the news. I don’t wanna see any more.

In spite the ungodly amount of Olympian b.s. going on in Greek mythology, Blood of Zeus was one of the most popular series on Netflix. In fact, it skyrocketed to the top ten faster than Hermes could do a lap around Sparta. Fans are anxiously awaiting a Season 2, which was announced back in December of 2020. So when’s it coming out? What’s gonna happen in Season 2? If I sacrifice 10 golden bulls will I gain the favor of the gods?

I have consulted with the Oracles of the Internet, and I am pleased to say that I have answers.

Remind Me What Happened At The End Of Blood of Zeus Season One?

As you know (or have forgotten) the Gods and the Giants go wayyyyy back. To antiquity. The Giants at the Gods fought each other for control of the world in days past, and the resulting conflict led to the birth of demons. One of the key tools in this conflict is a mysterious cauldron that is able to leech power from the giants and turn them into thralls Hera, the wife of Zeus, hatches a plan to use the cauldron and control the Giants herself, allowing her to finally take vengeance on her adulterous husband. Zeus’ son Heron is tasked with retrieving the cauldron in order to end the war. MEANWHILE, a demon named Seraphim wants to find the cauldron himself and use it it to destroy the Gods of Olympus. Here what happened in Blood of Zeus Season 1’s ending, explained.

Heron and Seraphim meet in a brutal final battle over the cauldron. Seraphim tries to convince Heron to join him in rising up against the gods, but Heron is having none of it. SOMEHOW Heron still loves his dad, even though the dude went to “get milk” when Heron was a little boy and didn’t come back until he needed something from his kid. Heron then brutally kills Seraphim with his newly awakened powers of thunder. He is the blood of Zeus, after all. But don’t worry Seraphim stans! He isn’t dead. Well, he is, but that doesn’t mean much in the realm of Gods. Seraphim’s soul appears in The Underworld at the end credits, a harbinger of more grief for the gods to come.

At the same time, Hera’s anger has reached a boiling point. She has had it UP TO HERE with her no good, two-timing man, and she decides to KILL HIM as means to file for divorce. Zeus and Hera have a massive battle, but since the Zeus of Blood of Zeus is more “tragic antihero” than “total dick” he ends up sacrificing himself in order for Hera to live.

Oh Yeah! That Sounds Familiar. So When Is Blood of Zeus Season 2 Coming?

So after purifying myself in the waters of the Ethernet and fasting from internet porn, I consulted with the Oracle of The Internet in the Fiberoptic Temple. Her answer was … unsurprisingly cryptic. She told me that the movers and shakers at Netflix had already announced that Season Two would be coming way back in December of 2020. However, she said that there are “no omens or portends” that would tell her when season two is actually coming out. It’s a big shrug. It’s likely that 2023 will be the appointed time for a new release, but the gods are ever fickle. Maybe we should try sacrificing those ten golden bulls after all? Just to be safe?

What’s Gonna Happen In Season 2?

We know for a fact that our favorite Poor Little Meow Meow Seraphim will be returning, and he’ll likely be PISSED at Heron for killing him and depriving him of his vengeance. Meanwhile, I’m sure that Heron will be trying to fill Zeus’ big sandals on Mount Olympus. I’m not exactly sure how that’s gonna go. He’s only a demigod, after all.

We also don’t know if the Giants are totally kaput. It’s likely that they won’t be a strong antagonistic force during this season. Maybe they’ll rear their ugly heads again? But that seems like lazy writing to me.

Y’all wanna hear MY guess as to what’s gonna happen?

Okay so I’ve been training myself to be an internet oracle by feeding on fiber optic cables and plugging myself into the wall at night, and I THINK it’s starting to work! The details of Plot of Zeus are still a little fuzzy, but if the omens are correct, I’m guessing that the villain of Season Two is gonna be Hades! The Ruler of the Underworld himself! Because of COURSE it will be! We’ve all seen Disney’s Hercules! We know how bad that guy can be!

He’s got Seraphim in his clutches, and Seraphim, being dead, is now basically a servant of Hades. Hades has seen the damage that Sera has been able to with his bident, and I’m sure that he sees an opportunity here. There’s a power vacuum in Olympus now that Zeus is gone, and I’m sure Hades is wet dreaming about becoming the lord of the LIVING as well as the dead. All he has to do is scoot up Mount Olympus and sit on his deceased brother’s throne! And all he has to worry about is a couple gods and Zeus’ demigod son? It’ll be a cakewalk! He’d be a fool not to try!

Something also tells me that Heron is going to use the mystical powers of his plot armor to not let that happen. Maybe we’ll even get the Seraphim/Heron team up that we’ve been dreaming of as they try to overthrow Hades together! Maybe they’ll team up romantically too and give us the slash fic we’ve been waiting for! Yes, I know they’re half brothers, but that’s less incest than Greek mythology normally has! Zeus and Hera were brother and sister after all!

Is There A Steamy, Incest-laden Blood of Zeus Season 2 Trailer ?

Regrettably, there isn’t. I’ve been sacrificing golden bulls right and left, but 2022 may leave us trailer-less. Somebody needs to go on Fiverr and commission an animator to make one. A really sexy one, where all of my season two predictions come true. That would be a feat truly worthy of myth and legend.

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