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Everyone Online Is So Incredibly Happy for Ke Huy Quan’s Gotham Award Win

Ke Huy Quan as Waymond in Everything Everywhere All At once

Whether you grew up in the ’80s or had an affinity for movies of the decade as a kid, you probably knew who Ke Huy Quan was—maybe not by name but definitely from his roles in both The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Point is, you knew him and you most likely loved him.

That means it hurt to not see him in anything for literal decades. Many (myself included) thought he had done the somewhat typical kid actor thing, which was to get some major roles in and then leave the business, but the reality is that Quan did not see himself as having a place in Hollywood. And it took seeing Crazy Rich Asians for him to believe that he could still have a place in the entertainment world.

So the fact that he came back to Hollywood with such a bang feels like a gift to those of us who loved him as kids. When Ke Huy Quan reappeared in Everything Everywhere All at Once as Waymond Wang, it served to completely wreck us. Mainly because he delivered one of the most romantic lines of all time in the most casual of ways.

It is with great joy though that it seems as if Quan’s break from Hollywood and subsequent return is proving to be met with praise and joy from those who love his work. As the award season is kicking off, we got to see the Gotham Awards celebrate Quan by giving him the win for Best Supporting Actor in Everything Everywhere All at Once (which also one big at the ceremony).

It was met with fans screaming online and sharing their hope that this is just the first of a long line of nominations and wins for the entire cast (obviously including the brilliant performance of Michelle Yeoh), but also specifically for Quan.

It became a sea of responses that ranged from “deserved” to claims that he was going to get the Oscar AS HE SHOULD.

It’s a long time coming

I don’t know if this is a universal experience but I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once with Quan’s face weighing on my mind. I kept asking myself where I knew him from, and as soon as I finished my screening, I looked him up only to instantly cry.

I knew him as Data. I watched him as Short Round, and I just assumed he wanted out, but seeing his return to cinema and the amount of love that Ke Huy Quan has been getting, I want this to be his year. I want all that waiting and those feelings that he didn’t belong to be met with the praise he has always rightfully deserved.

Because even if we missed out on years of brilliance from Quan, he showed us just how amazingly talented he is in Everything Everywhere All at Once, and I hope that this Gotham Award win is just the beginning.

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