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The World Is Psyched About Mark Hamill’s Beard

I'm not surprised. Conditioner is, like, 90% midichlorians.

Earlier today Mark Hamill posted this image of himself standing outside the Episode VII set, and the Internet approves: the man’s facial hair has the appropriate volume and mass to convey classic Jedi gravitas, entirely eclipsing Qui-Gon Jinn, nearly lapping Kenobi, and heading rapidly towards Gandalf territory.

If I were Hamill I’d be a little offended that Twitter is so relieved he’s able to continue the hairy Jedi tradition, but once that beard finally achieves sentience he’ll be able to wreak revenge on all those who dared doubt. If you’re as on board for the beard as the rest of the world, you can even join a fan page on Facebook. Grow, Hamill, grow!



(via The Daily Dot)

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