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Everyone Criticizing Kyla Pratt’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Red Carpet Look Can Keep Their Double Standards to Themselves

Kyla Pratt at the premiere of the Little Mermaid

Imagine getting to take your kids with you to the premiere of The Little Mermaid and the internet yelling about your outfit—which included heels—not being good enough. Because that’s what is happening to Kyla Pratt, and it’s ridiculous that she’s being yelled at for her outfit when men will literally wear pajamas on red carpets and get called iconic for it. Pratt took her kids with her to the premiere for the latest Disney movie, where she wore a nice sweater with matching pants and some heels.

She is, arguably, not the most important person at the premiere, and I don’t think Pratt thought to herself that she was. So, she dressed more casually than the stars of the movie—which is fine! But internet has decided that it’s unacceptable for Pratt not to be in some kind of gown—a double standard that constantly comes up.

Men can go to events and wear whatever they want and get praised for it, but if a woman opts for something more comfortable than a gown that forces them to not be able to sit down all night, they’re criticized for it relentlessly.

Pratt’s look is nice! It reads like a mother taking her kids to a premiere, but the internet seems to have a problem with it. While many were quick to judge Pratt, others began pointing out the standard to which men are held at premiere events versus women.

And it’s the truth! We all remember when Woody Harrelson showed up to the premiere of The Hunger Games looking like he rolled out of bed to walk the carpet. And people loved him for it!

It’s frankly an unnecessary double standard.

She’s there with her kids? Get over it.

Even if Pratt had gone to this premiere alone, her look is absolutely fine? She’s just not in a gown!

She wasn’t dressed inappropriately. If anything, she just looked comfortable, which I think is where this problem online stems from. Men can be all about comfort because that’s the way society has always been. Men can be comfortable and have an ease to their days, while women have to go out of their way to make themselves look good to be considered “presentable.”

Pratt looks nice. That’s all that matters. Any anger that people had towards her outfit just stems from their own internalized misogyny, because there’s no reason it should matter to you if a woman is wearing a sweater at a premiere when men have shown up in pajamas for years.

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