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Underscore Your Own Slow-Burn Romance With Every Pop Song Covered in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Grab your most attractive enemy and hit the dance floor!

Bridgerton Season 2 Kate and Anthony Dancing

As much as I enjoyed the first season of Bridgerton, season two took what worked previously and made it better. And after the slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers story of Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, the next best thing had to be their signature classical covers of modern pop songs. The only thing better than a good cover is a genre-changing cover.

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The pop songs made into classical masterpieces underscore the theme of the show. It is a romantic, modern re-imaging of the Regency era. Instead of writing entirely new pieces of music, the show connects viewers directly into the time by packing fun and emotional punches with familiar melodies. Let’s go over the ten new songs that were remade for season 2.

“Stay Away” by Nirvana, cover by Vitamin String Quartet

Who knew that nineties grunge and a string quartet could pair so well? The apathetic song plays while Anthony Bridgerton dismisses eligible ladies left and right. No one is good enough for him, but he doesn’t get emotionally invested. Not looking for love, Anthony only seeks a suitable business partner to bind himself to. He is as apathetic as the song while trying to make, what should be, the biggest personal decision of his life.

“Material Girl” by Madonna, cover by Kris Bowers

The balls of Bridgerton are all about flash, polish, and flaunting wealth. What better accompaniment than the 1980s anthem about being a girl who wants the best of everything life offers? Even played on string instruments, the tune is instantly recognizable. The rich members of the ton are all just material girls (and boys), living in a material world.

“Diamonds” by Rihanna, cover by Hannah V & Joe Rodwell

From last season, we know that the Queen’s pick for most eligible bachelorette has the title of “diamond.” While all the ladies flashed their charms to get the coveted title, they all shone like diamonds—until Miss Edwina Sharma received the honor.

“Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, cover by Vitamin String Quartet

This song always gets me. It sounds like a fun pop song. But the lyrics tell the story of watching the one you love dance with someone else, while you cry in the corner and pretend to be happy. In the scene, Miss Edwina wanted Kate and Anthony to dance together (since she could not see the sparks between the two). As the two dance, it is painfully clear they want to be together. Yet Kate must endure watching Anthony’s attention on her sister while she pretends to be fine with it.

“You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette, cover by Duomo

Kate’s carefully laid plans for a happy life for her and her sister almost fall apart in episode 5. Anthony found out her secret of attaining an inheritance that hinged on her sister marrying well. He was about to break off the engagement to Edwina when Kate convinced him to do otherwise. The anger and pain they felt vibrated through the music choice. This song redefined the angry breakup anthem. It is truthful, bitter, raw, and slightly vulgar. This song came out when I was 10 years old and it shook me. Now, I have a version of it I can listen to while I sip my tea.

“Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” cover by Kris Bowers

The theme played while Miss Edwina prepared for her wedding with her mother and sister. The inter-dispersed scenes of Anthony heavily drinking with his brothers hinted at the deeper meaning of the upbeat song. The song comes from the Bollywood film of the same name. A movie about social standing, familial duties, and how love can make fools of us all, it echoes the story of Anthony’s duty to marry the “perfect girl” while he longs for someone else.

“Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles, cover by Steve Horner

The sweeping music matched the feel of the hyped wedding. Instead of just a basic romantic song, it is actually about living with the decisions you made. Something that Kate and Anthony felt while Miss Edwina made her way to the altar.

“What About Us” by P!nk, cover by Duomo

The eruption of emotions when Miss Edwina realized what lay between Kate and Anthony, left everyone in shambles. No one knew how to proceed when just hours before everything seemed so set. The ripple effect had everyone, not just the main couple, asking, “what about us?”

“How Deep is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples, cover by Kiris

After such a build-up, the romantic culmination of Anthony and Kate had to have a great song. The passion, the love, all going deep like the ocean, the song beautifully mirrored the visuals.

“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, cover by Midnight String Quartet

This song seems perfect for Anthony and Kate’s first dance in front of everyone. Their affections for each other came in like a wrecking ball from the first episode. Throughout the season it took out people right and left, breaking hearts and challenging relationships. But even though they wrecked themselves, it made for a smashing good time with the couple happy in the end.

Much like the folks of the ton, we must languish and look hopefully toward next season, where drama and romance bloom. Until then I can imagine what new classical/modern mixes await us. Maybe Penelope Feathrington’s newfound confidence will blossom to “Woman” by Kesha. Or “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X plays when Benedict Bridgerton finally falls in love. Perhaps a culminating love scene will feature “Take me to Church” by Hozier. I have a whole wishlist. Which songs do you hope will get the Bridgerton treatment for season three?

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