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Every Movie Should Have Cynthia Erivo Running and Singing

Cynthia Erivo could punch me in the face, and I'd thank her.

cynthia erivo

Don’t know who Cynthia Erivo is yet? Well, that’s your fault. A Broadway babe who has been the topic of many of our musical dream castings, Erivo is finally getting her time to shine. People began to realize her star power when she won a Tony for her performance in The Color Purple in the latest revival.

Her version of “I’m Here” brought audiences to tears and made a name for Erivo among the Broadway nerds (myself included). From there, she tackled Cathy in The Last Five Years with Joshua Henry as Jamie. Basically, she became the one we were all rooting for and, lucky for us, she’s taking on the world of movies now and we get to see her shine.

So, in case you needed to it spelled out after watching that, Cynthia Erivo is perfect at singing.

Her vocal talents, though, are just the tip of the iceberg of our love for Erivo. Rumor has it that she was so perfect while she was singing in Bad Times at the El Royale that Drew Goddard had to tell her to mess up so that the audience would believe she was really singing. She’s that good.

From Bad Times to her role in Steve McQueen’s Widows, she has slowly been creeping her way into the minds of critics and casting directors everywhere, but now, the internet can’t seem to stop talking about her.

One of the big things we’re all obsessed with is her run. In Widows, when the group is scouting for their job, Cynthia’s character is running around the house to look for the cameras.

Look, she ran in Widows, and we all collectively wanted to die.

While she’s perfect in every way, a big topic of conversation is more specifically her arms.

Seriously though, we can’t get her running out of our heads, because it wasn’t just her run. It was the knowledge that she could probably destroy all of us without breaking a sweat, and we’d all just let it happen.

So if you’re not convinced that you should pay attention to Cynthia Erivo, you can just go see her in Widows and fall in love with her like the rest of us. Have we mentioned how great Widows is?

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