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The 2LMX Watch: Analog Meets Digital, Expensively

When it comes to wrist watches, I’ve always been an analog guy. There’s just something about the phsyical movement that appeals to me. Despite that, I’ve always preferred digital readout because, well, I’m stupid and lazy. The 2LMX watch, brainchild of Arnaud Tellier, looks like the perfect marriage between the two combining intense mechanical movement with your typical digital-style readout. Want one? It might be tough. Each one is hand finished and assembled requiring some 1,000 man hours; only 5 are released each year.

If you don’t like those odds, they’ll also take 3 commissions per year as well, and if you do that, you’ll even get to pick the colors! No word on price, but considering the whole 5-per-year-1,000-man-hours thing, it’ll probably end up being somewhere around “totally out of your price-range” dollars.

(Ultimate Horology via Buzzfeed)

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