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Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor Leave Engadget

Editor-in-chief Josh Topolsky and Managing Editor Nilay Patel have left Endgaget, one of the biggest tech news blogs on Internet. Both Topolsky and Patel don’t give any indication that their leaving has to do with AOL’s acquisition of the Huffington Post and decision to leave Arianna Huffington in charge of of Engadget, which many felt may somewhat tarnish the quality oft he site. However, there will no doubt be speculation that the pair left Engadget due to–at least in part–AOL, as Paul Miller recently left Engadget as well, putting the blame squarely on AOL, claiming their “way” doesn’t promote good journalism or “even good entertainment.” Topolsky and Patel mention that they aren’t leaving the Internet, however, and have some projects in mind, so fans of the editors won’t have to worry that their favorite tech bloggers will be disappearing altogether.

(via All Things Digital)

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