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Elizabeth Warren Asking for Facts Does Not Make Her “Nasty”

Democratic presidential candidates (L-R) former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speak during the Democratic presidential primary debate

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Elizabeth Warren took to the debate stage in South Carolina and was, yet again, labeled such things as “nasty” because she simply … wants facts.

When it comes to her relentless “attacks” on Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the reality is just that she wants the proof behind his NDAs. Bloomberg continually brushes them off and, in all honesty, she’s not being aggressive; she’s just asking for the truth. During the debate, Warren brought up Bloomberg’s NDAs again:

Let us have the women have an opportunity to speak. The Bloomberg corporation and Mayor Bloomberg himself have been accused of discrimination. They are bound by nondisclosures so that they cannot speak. If he says there is nothing to hide here, then sign a blanket release and let those women speak.

From there, Bloomberg continued to slam Warren (in his own mind, anyway), saying, “The trouble with this senator is enough is never enough.” And guess what? Yeah, it isn’t enough, and that’s what I actually want out of a candidate. It’s not about suddenly moving on from a topic and never revisiting it; it’s about understanding what each candidate has done and plans to do with the presidency. So … why is it suddenly so weird that Warren won’t let things go unanswered? Probably because she’s a woman.

A lot of last night’s “problems” with Warren were rooted in sexism. The fact that she wanted answers, the fact that she was a “know it-all”, and the fact that she was willing to prove she’s a candidate who will get things done were all qualities everyone looks for in a male candidate. But in Warren? We end up with accidentally supportive comments from … Ann Coulter.

So, when New York Times contributing OP-ed writer Wajahat Ali tweeted about Warren’s performance?

Many women took the time to express their support of the candidate and how, if the roles were reversed and she were a man, it wouldn’t even be a question of her ability to be a great candidate to take on Donald Trump. (I would like to note that, in the replies to Ali’s tweet, which specifically asked women how they were feeling, men felt the need to reply, so … 2020, guys.)

I’ll be voting for Elizabeth Warren in the New York primary on April 28th, and I hope that she ends up being the Democratic nominee.

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