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‘Elite’ Couple ‘Breeding To Save the World’ Becomes an Instant Meme

Tom and Shiv looking at each other on Succession

Sometimes, you just see a meme take over and you’re wondering how we got here. This time, maybe you won’t like the answer. Recently, there has been an influx of tweets using the following sentence: “Meet the elite couple breeding to save mankind.” The meme became a joke of fictional couples or pictures of animals where fans can share their witty responses, but the actual start of the meme reveals an even more confusing origin.

Two people who look like Wes Anderson characters have decided that their kink has to be everyone’s problem. Malcolm and Simone Collins, who have a joint Twitter account because that tells you everything you need to know about them, have been continually highlighted in articles across the internet. A couple that has consistently been weirdly profiled for their breeding fetish should not be a common thing (and sounds a whole lot like eugenics and racism), and yet, here we are.

The Collins family is, seemingly, obsessed with talking about their ability to have kids despite not marrying each other for love. I state this because their Twitter account has tweeted things that somehow marriages based on love and lust are … “tools of the devil”?

But the two have been profiled by various publications for years. Which is weird!!

Their most recent adventure into getting everyone to talk about breeding and a life without love comes from a profile by The Telegraph that featured Malcolm, who looks like a child mayor, and Simone, who looks like an evil villain from an Indiana Jones movie, sitting on a porch and staring at us like they’d drug us and artificially inseminate any person they see. At least we got a meme out of this, though!

A good meme is a good meme

The headline, which states “Meet the ‘elite’ couples breeding to save mankind,” has brought the internet a great amount of joy recently, mainly because we get to mock weird conservatives and their inability to be normal about anything. But also because we got to share our favorite couples as a way of being funny, like the official account for What We Do in the Shadows sharing Nadja and Laszlo to have a bit of fun.

Or me sharing Din Djarin and Cobb Vanth from The Mandalorian to share my truth with the world.

Because when you think about it, there are plenty “elite” couples out there who are together to save the world. Like Eddie Brock and Venom.

It is simply a classic case of making fun of conservatives in a way that makes for a great meme. Because that is, really, what works the best because they’re always just saying things we can make fun of. Will I think about the fact that they think a marriage build on love is the work of the devil? Probably! Because that’s not a rational thing to say about marriage! But until then, at least we got a fun meme.

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