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Things We Saw Today: Elijah Wood Plays Animal Crossing, Is Just Like Us

Plus Beauty and the Beast, live reads, and more!


I think it was the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, who coined the phrase, “Stars: they’re just like us!” (Editor’s Note: that was in fact US Weekly, not Shakespeare). And while celebrities are staying at home, they too are obsessed with everyone’s favorite quarantine activity: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Twitter user Jessa discovered as much when she tweeted a message to fellow gamers offering up her Dodo Code to buy some well-priced turnips. She received plenty of offers, one of which was from Frodo Baggins himself, Elijah Wood. Wood sent her a DM that read “Would love your Dodo Code to sell these turnips.”

Upon visiting Jessa’s island, Wood exclaimed “Long live Rian Johnson” (in reference to her Twitter handle @DirectedByRian) and “Your island is beautiful.”

The goofy but warmhearted virtual celebrity run-in was a delight to fans on Twitter, many of whom commented on the happenstance:

Who had gaming with Elijah Wood and tweeting with turnips on their 2020 vision board? Not I, good reader. Not I.

(image: FX)

  • Jen Richards (Mrs. Fletcher) headlines this all-queer staged reading of Alien, aka Gaylien. (via YouTube)
  • Don Reed, Air Force veteran and older brother of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has passed away from coronavirus. RIP. (via CNN)
  • Department stores are unlikely to recover from the current economic crisis. (via New York Times)
  • Accurate Take:

  • Trump “totally disagrees” with Gov. Kemp reopening Georgia. So is that why he keeps tweeting at states to liberate themselves? (via CNBC)
  • Jane Fonda drinking from a mug with her own mugshot on it is exactly how I imagined her during quarantine. (via HuffPost)
  • Happy World Book Day! There’s never been a better time to escape into a book. (via World Book Day)
  • Actor Mary Neely is making the absolute most out of her quarantine time:

Stay safe out there, Mary Suevians!

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