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Prototype E Ink Screen Shows Off Smooth Browsing and Scrolling


Bookeen is showing off an E Ink innovation that could take eBook readers to a whole other level. While E Ink has the advantage of looking like natural print and also consuming very little power to do so, it hasn’t shown the same seamless movement you get with LCD or other displays. But the device shown here is capable of smooth scrolling and web browsing without constant refreshing and flickering, making the experience seem very natural.

And perhaps most impressive is not only what the screen can do, but that it was made with all off the shelf hardware coupled with Bookeen’s custom software. Hopefully that means the cost and development time will be low, and get this technology out of the lab into the hands of consumers.

Read on after the break to see a video of the silky-smooth eInk screen in action.

(via Engadget)

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