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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Shows the Charm and Power of Chris Pine and Regé-Jean Page

Chris Pine and Rege Jean Page looking at a helmet

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has hit theaters and fans are seeing just how much fun the movie is. But more than that, they’re also realizing that Chris Pine and Regé-Jean Page are both handsome and funny. Oh no, this is dangerous. How are they both that good looking and funny and smart and charming all at the same time?

The two A-list hunks have made a career out of their charm and their good looks, and while they’ve both proven themselves to be incredible actors, this movie is on another level entirely. Then again, Pine’s hilarity is not new to me, and while I could tell that Page was funny and witty, I wasn’t prepared for his comedic timing in the way that I should have been for Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, he was hilarious on Saturday Night Live, but that’s sort of a different beast. Watching him embody Xenk Yendar with such ease and a perfectly pompous attitude made the role so much more fun to see.

And it really did help that I wanted Edgin and Xenk to just make out the entire movie because these two really mastered the art of bouncing off each other in scenes. But it was, for me, a perfect movie to highlight just how clever and funny both Pine and Page can be when we let them break out of their typical type-casting shell.

They’re charming!

Chris Pine and Rege Jean Page in D&D
(Paramount Pictures and eOne)

One of the reasons that fans fell in love with both Page and Pine in their careers was their charming characters. For Pine, it was both Nicholas in The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement and Captain James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie, and for Page, we all fell in love with Simon on Netflix’s Bridgerton.

But somewhere the wires got crossed and people seemed to forget that both of these actors are very funny on top of being handsome and charming. And so whenever they do get to have fun in movies, it is all people can seem to talk about. So what I loved about Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves came from the fact that the movie knew what these two actors were capable of and used it to their advantage.

Never was there a moment when you didn’t think that Edgin or Xenk would make you laugh, and it made for an absolutely brilliant time in the theater. While Xenk wasn’t in the movie nearly enough, I do hope that we get a sequel where I get to see these two interacting with each other more, because it really was a delight for fans.

(featured image: Paramount Pictures & eOne Entertainment)

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