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Here’s What You Need To Know About ‘Duet Night Abyss’

What if Genshin had guns?

Did you ever feel like Genshin Impact needed more gunpowder? Duet Night Abyss is your answer. This upcoming free-to-play game promises to fill the void in the action role-playing game landscape by allowing players to do battle with 3D anime girls who can fire guns. Woo!

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With Duet Night Abyss on the way, what should interested players be aware of before they start playing? Here’s everything we know so far about this upcoming third-person anime game, including whether it has any gacha elements.

What is Duet Night Abyss?

A promo image for Duet Night Abyss, an upcoming Genshin-like ARPG.
(Hero Games)

Part fantasy world and part sprawling sci-fi tale, Duet Night Abyss is an upcoming PvE video game that seems to rely on memorable character design and eye-catching combat abilities to hook the player’s attention.

Officially, publisher Hero Games and developer Pan Studio describe DNA as “a fantasy adventure RPG with a high degree of freedom,” complete with “multiple weapon loadouts” and “3D combat,” according to the game’s English YouTube page.

“You will step into a land where magic and machinery coexist, playing as two protagonists with vastly different backgrounds,” the creators say, according to an announcement published by Gematsu. “Encounter a variety of demonic beings with their own perspectives as you engage in constant battles and exploration to uncover the truth behind a thorny fate, ultimately bringing an end to the spiral of suffering.”

The first official reveal trailer for Duet Night Abyss debuted on October 19. Details have been a bit slim since then, but we’ve gone ahead and compiled what we know about the anime ARPG’s gameplay in the meantime.

What is Duet Night Abyss‘ gameplay like?

Familiar with Genshin Impact? Then a lot about Duet Night Abyss should seem familiar.

DNA has been described as a mix between Digital Extremes’ Warframe and Genshin, and the first initial gameplay trailer certainly makes the case. Expect to use assault rifles, revolvers, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, crossbows, whip-blades, and swords while you do battle against all sorts of monstrous enemies and soldiers. All the while, the game seems to support a mixture of unique movement and parkour abilities.

“In battles, you can freely switch between melee and ranged weapons, allowing characters to break free from the limitations of a single weapon class,” Pan Studio and Hero Games said, per Gematsu.

Characters also have special abilities and skills they can use to do combat. One character can rapidly shift stances at the speed of light, firing lightning-fast rounds. Another small, emergency food-like character can draw on demonic tentacles to control the battlefield in her favor. There’s even an insect-themed anime girl that can fly in mid-air, drawing on butterflies to do machine gun-like damage.

According to Gematsu, Duet Night Abyss will offer a wide range of moves, such as “helix leap, sliding, and double jump.” Players can also expect “a grand open-world map with fast-paced, exhilarating battles.”

Pretty cool, no? Check out the game’s initial reveal trailer to learn more.

So, cards on the table: Is Duet Night Abyss a gacha game?

An example of movement in Duet Night Abyss
(Hero Games)

We don’t blame you for thinking DNA might end up having gacha elements. The game features a cast of interesting and attractive anime women, each with their own special abilities and weapons. So, how do players acquire them? Given the game is free-to-play, it only makes sense that fans will have to unlock them by either playing through the story, or rolling in-game currency until they land a pity roll. Anyone who has played a couple hours of Genshin Impact knows this system has taken over the free-to-play single-player market, making it a fantastic little tool at extracting cash from your bank account.

All that said, we don’t quite know yet if Duet Night Abyss is a gacha game. We’ll have to wait and see if DNA will feature a full-blown gacha roll system, complete with pity rolls and special character banners, or if it will introduce its own microtransaction system that shies away from gambling.

What is the release date for Duet Night Abyss?

An example ability in Duet Night Abyss
(Hero Games)

We don’t quite know yet, as no official release date has been revealed. Don’t expect one anytime soon, either, as Hero and Pan say the game “still requires refinement in many aspects,” per Gematsu.

However, interested Duet Night Abyss players can pre-register for the game now via DNA’s official website. Keep in mind, you’ll need a verification code to register an account.

Where can I play Duet Night Abyss?

An example of a gun in action in Duet Night Abyss
(Hero Games)

DNA is set to launch on PC, iOS, and Android. No word yet on any console releases for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, unfortunately.

(featured image: Hero Games)

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