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Inception Goes Viral: Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Criminally Cool Campaign

Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming summer blockbuster Inception is kicking things off with an impressive viral campaign centered around the mysterious technique of invading the dream.

Wired was sent a mangled manual, detailing in entirely-redacted detail the process and potentialities of invading the dream environment. With exciting chapter names like “Warfare in the Dream” it’s well worth a read. You can flip through it in the slideshow below, which is replete with witty commentary.

It wouldn’t really be a viral campaign if it were explicitly explained which parts of this fabricated book are actually involved in the film. So be warned that some of the “clues” here could be Red Herrings. But we can be sure that at least some of the images and themes portrayed here will pop up in the film.

The people behind the campaign also know that sending a book to journalists won’t be enough for the general public. After the slideshow, we have a link to part two of this epic viral publicity stunt.


(Via Wired)

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