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Let the Heroes of Dragonball Z Sell You a Ford Focus

Krillin and Gohan have gathered all of the Namekian Dragon Balls, which means that the dragon Porunga has just appeared to grant them three wishes — and it turns out that what our young heroes really want is a Ford Focus. This is an actual, real-life Ford advertisement, because some marketing team somewhere knew that my Dragonball nostalgia was too strong not to share this and give Ford more free advertising. Of course, as a millennial, I can’t afford a Ford Focus, but I do appreciate that they’re trying to cater to me.

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This ad is maybe a decade too late to be relevant, but … maybe it was too difficult to secure the rights to Dragonball Z before now? I would love to meet the person who made this happen. How long do you think they pushed for this pitch before it finally got through?

(via Polygon)

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