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Don’t Throw Things at Florence Pugh!

Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan in Dune: Part 2

Why are we always throwing things on stage? It happens at concerts, it happens at Q&As after movie screenings, and now it is happening at CCXP in Brazil during the Dune: Part II presentation. Why, at a huge event, did anyone think throwing something on stage was okay?

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The cast was in São Paulo, Brazil for Comic Con Experience 2023, where we got new posters for the movie and celebrated the highly anticipated second film from Denis Villeneuve. Florence Pugh was standing on stage with her costars Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, Zendaya, and Villeneuve when something was thrown from the audience, and it hit her in the face. It clearly hurt, and Pugh made a face before picking it up in the video shared online.

This has become an increasingly more common occurrence among celebrities and fans at events, and it needs to stop because it isn’t safe. Pugh was just posing with her cast and was nearly hit in the eye by whatever was thrown on stage, the rest of her cast all looking concerned when they realized what was happening, and the video is cut off before we see what else happens.

This highlights a bigger problem with fans and their dedication to giving “gifts” or seeking attention from their faves while in a venue like that, which comes at the cost of the safety of actors. Pugh seemed to not be injured beyond being hit in the face with the item, but it still isn’t okay to throw anything at an actor or even just on stage for them to grab.

This is something that stars like Cardi B, Adele, and more have all started to push back against in concerts, and it needs to be addressed.

Was it worth throwing something at the cast to hit her in the face?

So often at events, especially when actors like Pugh and Zendaya are present, there are fans who want to give their favorite actors gifts to share their love. Instead of recognizing that it isn’t really the time or place or that they maybe don’t need to bring a gift for a celebrity, fans will find a way to make it about them.

Pugh was not standing on stage waiting for gifts or whatever it was to be thrown at her. So whoever decided to launch something in her direction was not doing it to be kind. They were doing it for their own benefit and their own attention. You can try to justify it by saying that it was for one of the stars on stage, but what ended up happening was that Florence Pugh was hit in the face because someone had to be the main character of the Dune: Part II event.

It wasn’t their time to throw something on the stage, and look what happened. Stop throwing things at celebrities on stage. Enough is enough. What if it had hurt Pugh? What if the item hit her in the eye and truly injured her?

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