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I’m So Excited Donna Noble Is Back for the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials—but if She Gets Hurt I Swear to God!

Doctor Who‘s 60th Anniversary has been hitting at the nostalgia of Whovians that came into the show during the Russell T. Davies era. Not only do we have Davies and David Tennant returning as the now Fourteenth Doctor, but Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) is back. And if anything happens to her I swear to God—

When David Tennant returned to Doctor Who officially as a Fourteenth Doctor and not just the Tenth again, it felt like an official ode to the old era as the show gets ready to welcome the upcoming first Black Doctor Who incarnation with Ncuti Gatwa. As excited as I am for Gatwa (and it is the thing making me sit down and finish watching that horrible post-River Song era of Who), Donna returning hits me right in my sweet spot.

The first episodes I ever watched of Doctor Who were on the low futon of my sister’s place. One was Blink and the other was the series four finale where the Doctor erased all of Donna’s memories in order to save her life. It was heartbreaking because Donna Noble is one of the best who companions, especially with her character growth, amazing working-class skills, and the fact that she was never romantically interested in the Doctor. They were just allowed to be best friends who traveled together. She also didn’t revere him either, allowing for some great comedic interplay between the two.

In the teaser, “destiny” is coming to Donna Noble and the Doctor has to save her without being seen with them. Yasmin Finney shows up briefly as a new character named “Rose,” which I’m sure will lead to some feels since that is also the name of one of the Doctor’s previous big loves. Neil Patrick Harris is arriving in an undisclosed role and at some point, we will see Gatwa transform. I’m really excited to see what that looks like.

Doctor Who has been a mixed bag for me for years. For all the progress it has made with its casting, I just found the seasons with Moffat to lose steam. It was hard to get back after that and have to see some big over-the-top mystery that would fall apart with re-watching. Davis wasn’t perfect, but in retrospect, I find he knew how to make great episodic episodes. He didn’t do justice to Martha Jones, but I am glad that the character was allowed to leave the TARDIS on her own terms. That was the least they could do.

I watched some of the Twelfth Doctor’s run because I simply am in love with Peter Capaldi, but even that didn’t capture me. I’m hoping that some magic will be back and mostly that the writing will be so good that even the racists will be forced to accept Gatwa in the role. I want him to be done justice and I’m looking forward to this new era of Doctor Who that can embrace the future and love the past.


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