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Naked Actors Urge You to Donate Money for Antaeus Company Costumes So They Can Be Not Naked [Video]

They can't afford costumes, but they can afford extra sensor blurs for Armin Shimerman?

The Antaeus Company, LA’s classical theater ensemble, has put together a compelling argument for you to help them out. If you don’t donate money, they won’t have costumes, and then they’ll all be really cold and need to spring for a whole bunch of censor blur bubbles. Luckily, being funny still doesn’t cost anything. Or require clothes.

The Antaeus Company is full of great people like Gabe Diani and Etta Devine, creators of Adventures Huckleberry Finn: Robotic Edition and Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse, which is an apocalypse comedy we’ve been following that recently reached its impressive $100,000 Kickstarter goal.

Armin Shimerman, perhaps better known as Principal Snyder from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, works with the company as well, and you can see him sporting extra censor blurs in the video like a boss. This is their mission:

Antaeus is a cooperative theater ensemble founded to empower the actor and to bring classical theater to Los Angeles. The company exists to create a family of artists and audiences and is dedicated to exploring stories with enduring themes.

We’re big fans of all of these people, and acting, and comedy, oh and clothes too, so it’d be great if we could all help them out.

(via Etta Devine on Twitter, image via Antaeus Company on YouTube)

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