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I Cannot Get Over This Video of Donald Trump Being Super Weird to Trick-or-Treating Children

Donald Trump smiles awkwardly around children in Halloween costumes outside the White House.

Yesterday, Donald and Melania Trump participated in the annual White House Halloween trick-or-treating event, handing out candy to local children and children of military families.

First of all, I don’t know why they even bothered getting new decorations, since nothing could be spookier than the ones they use at Christmas.

There’s video of the couple handing out candy to the line of children filing past them and for the most part, it’s fine. Trump mostly looks bored and uncomfortable, but then one kid dressed as a minion comes up for candy and he foregoes all pretense of trying to act like a regular non-terrible human man for one night.

I cannot stop watching this video. I think something in my brain is trying to figure out what could be going on inside someone else’s brain to make them act like that. Why would he think it would be fun or funny to put candy on top of a kid’s costume, out of reach? Why, after the candy slid off, wouldn’t he replace it in the kid’s basket? Why did Melania copy him? And why does he straight-up ignore that little Spider-Man?

Is being a mild jerk to a trick-or-treating child the worst thing Trump has done? Obviously not, nowhere close. But it’s often how people act in these small moments that shows us who they are the most, and this was an unnecessary reminder that Trump is, at his core, just a total jerk who has definitely never taken his kids trick-or-treating ever in any of their lives.

(image: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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