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Donald Glover Opens Up About Possibly Playing Spider-Man, Says It’s Up to the Fans Now

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Remember five years ago when someone suggested that Spider-Man/Peter Parker didn’t have to be white and all the comic book loving racists in the world lost their damn minds? Unfortunately, the world’s not that much better off in 2015 as far as Internet comments go, but at least one thing has changed: a lot more people are super down to see Donald Glover sling some webs. But is the former Community star even interested at this point?

“Of course, I would always be honored to play Spider-Man. It’s Spider-Man! But I just want it to be good,” Glover told Yahoo’s Kevin Polowy in an interview to promote his upcoming film, The Lazarus Effect. “I just want the Spider-Man movie to be dope, that’s all I want.”

But what of the growing online movement to cast him? It’s on his radar, but he’s going to leave it to the fans this time. “Campaigning’s part of life,” he said. “But for me, I’ve got a lot of stuff that I’m really excited about, and dropping it all… of course it’d be an honor. But it’s like, it’s fine. If it comes to, if not—I’m very daoist about it.”

Glover also talked about playing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man, noting that at his age, he really couldn’t play the young high school kid on film the same way he did in the cartoon:

Currently we know nothing about Sony and Marvel’s plans for their latest Spider-film, but Jeff Sneider from The Wrap seems to think very strongly that Sony will finally go for a character who’s not Peter Parker and who isn’t white, if only to gain back some good will after the recent hacking incident.

“Sony has an opportunity to beat Marvel and DC to the punch with sort of a major black comic book movie character,” Sneider said on the Meet The Move Press podcast. “The e-mails that leaked were perceived to be racist in some quarters. I really think that is going to play into things.”

At this rate, though, it probably won’t be Glover unless the studio reaches out to him specifically—which they totally should, even if they’re not going to cast him. The guy has some great ideas for the Shaft reboot that was just announced.

(via Comic Book Movie and Comic Book Resources)

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