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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Finale Broke Our Collective Hearts With [Spoiler]’s Death

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Stranger Things 4 was a lot. In many ways, it was a filler season—building up the stakes for the grand final season. But I like filler sometimes, and the Satanic Panic storyline helped ground the season with real human stakes, as well. And it made me cry as we had to say goodbye to …

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Spoilers for Stranger Things 4.


Joe Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

Fans fell in love with Eddie Munson almost immediately—so, of course, he would be the one to die, though it was deeply satisfying to see the character go out in a heroic manner. For the season, Eddie has struggled with his cowardliness and often only answered the call when everyone else already did. By choosing to help protect everyone, Eddie died a hero, at least in the eyes of our Party.

He and Dustin play the part of the distraction in the plan to take down Vecna, by rocking out on top of Eddie’s trailer in the Upside Down as a way to draw his attention. When they take refuge in the trailer as Vecna’s bats swarm them, the bats manage to get inside, and they have to make a run for it. Eddie sacrifices himself by continuing to draw their attention, buying Dustin and the rest of our protagonists the precious time they need.

What his death means

For the rest of the people of Hawkins, thus far, Eddie was never acquitted of allegations that he was responsible for two murders. So his name is tainted—as of right now, which makes it so painful. The scene between Dustin and Eddie’s uncle is heartbreaking to watch.

Thankfully, we also didn’t see Max die this season. I almost burst into tears when I thought it was the end for Max, especially since reconnecting with Lucas was very much sadness bait. I’m not wild about her being in a coma, but I am hoping that, as another survivor of the magic within the Upside Down, when we see the final battle between the forces of evil and the Party, it will be Will, Eleven, and Max being super-powered.

Until then, we mourn Eddie Munson, the dungeon master who rolled a d20 into our hearts. Who do you think is destined to die in the final season? My money is on El or Steve, but I’m very much hoping to be wrong.

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