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These Doctor Who Shoes Don’t Actually Exist (But We Wish They Did)

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

These Doctor Who shoes remain one of the few elements of reality that were not restored when the Doctor fixed the Time Field by flying the TARDIS and the Pandorica (which contained a few tiny molecules of the old, not-broken universe) into the explosion of the TARDIS.

Look, Moffat, I like your work, but I still don’t understand anything of what happened in your seasons of Who. So here’s an alternate story: before Donna Noble could restore reality to its proper balance by defeating the Daleks as the Doctor Donna, the evil pepper pots were able to destroy these shoes for being way, way more awesome than they were, the end.

These shoe designs, and many more for The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and more, can be found on Lonely-Soles, but they’re just that: designs. We can’t wear them. Which is probably for the best because even if they did exist, I wouldn’t be able to wear them without falling over. So thanks, Lonely-Soles, for saving me from bruises.


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