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The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances
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It looks like Doctor Strange–the neurosurgeon, master magician, and “Sorcerer Supreme” of the cosmos–will be one of the first non-Avenger Marvel characters to make the jump to the big screen. Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (who wrote the recent Conan the Barbarian reboot) have been attached to draft a script, and apparently the project will be live-action and not, as was previously reported, an animated Pixar production.

According to current reports, the script has already been turned in by the screenwriting duo and sent to prospective directors who would help actually see the project through to completion.

The character of Dr. Strange was first created back in 1963 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, as an arrogant world-renowned surgeon whose hands are irreparably damaged in a car accident, leading him to search the world for a “cure” only to save the life of The Ancient One and be thrust into the role of Sorcerer Supreme.

The visuals of this prospective film are another thing to think about, as Screen Rant points out:

A couple of the items glimpsed in Odin’s Vault in Thor do pave the way for an eventual movie based on the Dr. Strange comic, which has historically boasted some of the more surreal and bizarre imagery in the Marvel universe (Ditko’s illustrations have often been compared to the collective work of Salvador Dali). In the hands of a director with great visual prowess, a Dr. Strange movie could easily look unlike any other comic book adaptation out there.

As for who could play the character, Grey’s Anatomy‘s own McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, has publicly stated that he’s lobbying for the role. And while we love when actors express an interest in such roles (and, well, it’s hard to deny he does have several years experience playing an arrogant surgeon), we wonder what you think: would he fit with your vision of Dr. Strange?


(via Screen Rant)

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