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DIY Stun-Gloves are Shocking, are Also DIY Stun-Gloves

I’ve often thought about what kind of awesome, hacked together weapons I might use if I somehow gained the skill and motivation to become a self-made superhero and hack together weapons. Oddly enough, I never thought of stun-gloves. Thank god Jair2k4 did. Granted, he’s not the first person to think of the concept, but when he mentioned the idea in a discussion about vigilante weapons, he followed through and built a pair.

The gloves feature your standard stun-gun-built-from-a-disposable-camera and since he’s apparently not a complete idiot, he used rubberized fishing gloves so that he doesn’t shock his own hands. The actual capacitors are housed in the Altoid tins on his wrist and are wired to conductors sew into the finger tips. Of course, the disposable camera base means it take a while to charge and deliver. It also means that while real stun-guns disrupt muscle function, these stun-gloves just smart a bit. Still, for a thrown together, proof-of-concept build, it’s pretty sweet.

The one nit I really have to pick with this design is: Why are the conductors on the fingertips? For one, that makes it seem like it could be pretty easy to shock yourself accidentally. Granted, the rubber gloves keep you from shocking your own hands, but it’s not going to save you when you feel something brush against your neck and instinctivley go to — ZAP.

Besides that, conductors in the inside of the hand don’t really make that much offensive sense unless you aren’t planning to electro-punch people but are planning to electro-slap them, or electro-pat them on the back for being such a good sport about that whole robbery misunderstanding. Planting the conductors on the knuckles seems like it might be the better choice for all parties involved. Well, except for the party getting punched I suppose.

He’s mentioned on his blog that this is only step one. He’s already working on another revision that looks a little cleaner and has some technical improvements. I’m sure he’s not going to go out fighting crimes with them or anything, but you have to give the guy props for taking a theoretical argument so ridiculously seriously.

And you can check out some videos of the righteous sparks these babies make on the Techno-Holics blog, where they drink ALL the technohol, presumably.

(Techno-Holics via Hack a Day)

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