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DIY Private LCD Monitor Looks Blank Unless You're Wearing Magic Sunglasses

There are all kinds of privacy screens you can get for monitors that ensure that no one else can see your screen unless they’re looking for the exact right angle. That’ll work most of the time, but how about a way to make the screen show as blank, even when you look at it dead on? Also, it requires no additional materials except a cheap pair of glasses. Sound amazing? That’s because it is, and it’s completely DIY.

It’s absurdly simple really, all you need to do is take an LCD monitor, slice it open, and remove the polarizing film. Put the monitor back together and replace the lenses in a pair of glasses with peices of that polarizing film you removed. Bam. Done. Now the monitor will show as completely white to anyone, anywhere, who isn’t wearing a pair of your magical polarizing glasses. How awesome is that? Bring one of these babies to work and you can look like you’re falling asleep in front of a blank monitor while wearing sunglasses instead of sitting there watching a movie. Marginal improvement? I think so! Sign me up.

(via Yababoon)

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