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DIY Doctor Who Gallifreyan Blinds and Super Mario Backsplashes

Make your house look bigger on the inside.


Geek craft blogger and friend of Geekosystem Kristy GD will cover all of your geek home improvement project needs. If your place is a little bare, why not decorate with the Doctor’s name? (Written in Gallifreyan only, of course.)

The Please Excuse My Craftermath blog has step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own Gallifreyan window shades so that you can entertain all of your classy Time Lord friends in style. As an extra bonus, non-Whovians will probably look right past the unassuming designs perception filter-style.

If you’re not that crafty, don’t worry about it. The instructions break everything down in detail with helpful pictures to keep you on track.


Your princess is in another castle.

For something a little less subtle, the Super Mario kitchen sink backsplash might be more what you’re looking for. Either way, head on over to the blog to see how it’s done and add something fun to your home. Allons-y!

(via Please Excuse My Craftermath)

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