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Wong Watching ‘The Sopranos’ on ‘She-Hulk’ Is a Mood

Wong sitting on his couch in She-Hulk

Who among us doesn’t love Wong? Played by Benedict Wong, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s current Sorcerer Supreme seems to be the one character that is unquestionable beloved, and now that he’s made his appearance twice on Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, he’s continued to be one of the more relatable characters in the MCU.

The first time he met Jen Walters, she called him in because she needed to corroborate Emil Blonsky’s story about how he got out of prison. From there, the two had an established rapport, so when Wong found himself in need of help from a lawyer, he knew where to turn. And Jen had to then deal with a bad magician on her plate and Madisynn.

The episode starts with a “magic” show with Donny Blaze, who is seemingly bad at his job, and when his manager tells him to “do the thing,” he uses powers he learned while being a student of the mystic arts to open a portal and send one of his audience members through it. Madisynn ends up in a different dimension and fights her way though until she ends up at “Wongers” place, where he’s just trying to enjoy his night of watching The Sopranos.

Madisynn, who truly is the embodiment of my hopes and dreams, sees what Wong is watching and instantly wants to join in despite also spoiling the episode for him. But it also leads to Wong being incredibly relatable because all he really wants to do is watch his shows.

The quarantine binge

The Sopranos is not by any means a short show. I watched when the series aired with my family, and now, going through it again as an adult, I am realizing just how long the series is as a whole. When we see Wong, he’s already in season 5, so he’s made quite a bit of headway through the series, and by the time he is in court with Madisynn again, who wants to hang out with “Wongers,” he’s a good deal through season 6 because she spoils another death for him.

Later in that same episode, Wong has moved on to This Is Us, and it truly is just the world that we all experienced in 2020 and beyond. How many shows have we all binged in the pandemic? I watched the entire Netflix MCU in one sitting because I was just trying to get through them before they were gone and I had the time.

So, Wong spending his time in Nepal just going through the shows he missed and hitting all the classics is something that I think everyone can kind of relate to. It might not be The Sopranos for you but whatever show it is, know that you have an ally in Wong and he’d probably like the suggestions of what shows to watch with Madisynn—preferably shows that she also hasn’t seen so that she can’t spoil him on them because it was bad enough he knew about Adriana and then Christopher before he got to watch their episodes.

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