I Love Disney World and Conservatives Bothered by Its "Wokeness"
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I Love Disney World and That Conservatives Are Crying “Wokeness” at Change

Disney World

Disney has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and integral to that experience while growing up are the things that I was taught as a kid through Disney and its movies. I learned all about kindness, patience, humility, and most importantly, I was taught empathy. And when I went to Disney World for the first time, I went with that message in my heart.

That’s why I’m not bothered by the changes being enacted in Disney World that conservatives are calling “wokeness” or political correctness. Because they’re just bitter that their “immersive” experience of the good ol’ USA, racism and sexism included, is being threatened by Disney’s continued efforts to have empathy for the experience of their guests as a whole.

Because, believe it or not, it’s not all about you, random Conservatives who feel hurt that racist caricatures like Trader Sam are gone from Jungle Cruise at Disney World. To you, it might be a joke and something to laugh about. But to others, someone like Trader Sam is an insulting and stereotypical remnant of the past that has absolutely no place in 2021.

The same thing goes for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World that sold captive and tied up women as brides. Disney World getting rid of that part of the ride isn’t the company caving to political pressure. It’s them realizing that they were promoting human trafficking and bondage in one of their most popular rides.

If you’re hurt that your “immersive” experience was shattered by the nixing of sex crimes or racist statues, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself and why you’re upset about this. This isn’t about political correctness, but it is about necessary changes for a better experience for all. This is about a changing world and Disney parks finally catching up to what its movies have been teaching us all along.

And thinking that your “immersive” experience is being shattered is just proof that in your world, white supremacy is being “threatened” by inclusion and representation, when in reality, it’s all about leveling the playing field and making those that have been discriminated against and disenfranchised feel like they are welcomed by Disney World and all its parks.

The matter of fact is that diversity and inclusion only make the Disney World experience better. Because that’s the reality of our world and our country. We are not all white and we are not all straight. And being inclusive, or allowing cast members to wear inclusive uniforms and have inclusive haircuts, makes for a more dynamic experience that welcomes all.

So, take your faux anger out of here and just admit that you’re not ready for a Disney World that embraces values of inclusivity and empathy. You’re here to have a good ol’ time on the backs of those who have been laughed at or been disenfranchised because you’re afraid of change. Sorry, not sorry but change is already here and you already have been left behind.

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