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Things We Saw Today: Rumors Abound Over the Disney+ Marvel Shows

Love a good spy thriller

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Take what I’m about to relay with a huge grain of salt because this is all still very up in the air and not confirmed at all. But the idea that the Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson show could be a spy thriller delights me to no end.

MCU Cosmic reports on a batch of rumors about the seemingly endless number of Disney+ Marvel shows in development. The problem? The source for all of this speculation was a post on 4chan. Yeah. MCU Cosmic wrote it up, however, because some of the descriptions seemed to track with what we know about the shows so far, or plots that seem like they’d be viable. So while this might be complete BS, we can dream. And so, according to, uh, 4chan:

The rumor about Vision and the Scarlet Witch are that the two settle down and, when Wanda attempts to give Vision a soul, everything goes haywire. Which, okay sure. Why does it have to be about her attempting to save him and then failing to do so? Hopefully, this isn’t the actual show or that they execute it a bit better than the rumor states.

For Loki, another assertion that it might not be about Tom Hiddleston’s take on the character at all. This rumor further floats the idea that Hiddleston will just narrate the show, focusing instead on a young Loki and including Odin and a young Thor at points within the show.

While it isn’t confirmed yet, a Hawkeye show is also in the rumor mill and it would feature Clint Barton training Kate Bishop. Last week a Lady Sif show was said to be on the roster and the new rumor claims that show would pair her up with fan fave Beta Ray Bill and cover the time that she was banished from Asgard.

The one I’m most excited about though? The Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson show that is set to hit the streaming service.

According to the rumor, Agent 13 and Nick Fury are working with Bucky and Sam to take down a new crime organization in a spy thriller-type environment. So, basically, my dream. Nothing is certain, but if even half these shows come to fruition in any form I will be happy.

What do you think? Do these sound plausible or are they maybe too plausible—everything we could hope for, down to Clint training Kate? Are we just being fed what we want to hear?

(via MCU Cosmic; image: Marvel Entertainment)

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What did you see today? And what would your dream Marvel/Disney+ series look like? What characters are being underserved and deserve their own show? At this rate, it seems like Disney might just take your pitch.

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