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Kristen Bell Will Play the Lead in Disney’s Frozen

Officially Official

Disney‘s The Snow Queen was languishing in development hell for a while until it was finally abandoned in 2010. But just around Christmas, it was announced that the movie had been revived, under a different title, Frozen, with concept art and everything! And things are moving right along for Disney’s Frozen — they’ve found their lead, and it’s Kristen Bell! She will provide both the speaking and singing voice for what is being called the “lead” character. But which character will that be?

Frozen, which will be 3D computer animated, will borrow from a Hans Christian Andersen story about a Snow Queen who cast a spell on a little boy named Kay and kidnaps him, whisking him away to her snow palace. Kay’s best friend, Gerda, then has to go on a journey to find Kay. It’s not clear which character will be considered the lead role in this movie — either the Snow Queen or Gerda. With Bell’s very youthful voice, I’m going to guess that this will be all about Gerda, and that’s the role she will play. Then again, maybe this Snow Queen is just misunderstood, and is not that much older, and Bell will humanize someone we think is a villain.

But this is all just speculation. Don’t quote me on any of this.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to hear Kristen Bell sing for this. She has a background in musical theater and played the hyper-pure Mary Lane in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. (Which, if you haven’t seen it, try to get your hands on that as soon as possible. Trust me.) In my opinion, she is perfectly suited for a Disney movie, whether she’s playing a good girl or an evil queen. Did we all see her on Party Down? She can be super intimidating.

But here is Bell in Reefer Madness, as a very, very, very good girl:

Frozen is set to hit theaters November 27, 2013.

(The Hollywood Reporter via Nerd Bastards)

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