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Did Taylor Swift Yet Again Write a Song About Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ New Baby?

Oh the theories are thriving this time around, with the release of Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights. Whenever there is a new Taylor Swift album, fans pull out their magnifying glasses and get to work. They want to know who the songs are about, what the hidden meanings within the songs are, and most importantly, they want to know whether or not Swift has left us clues to things we’ll discover later.

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A tradition in Taylor Swift lore has been that she includes the names of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughters in her songs, since she’s friends with the couple. Famously, in the song “betty,” we get all three their daughters, Inez, James, and Betty, mentioned. Now, Lively is pregnant with her fourth child, and while it hasn’t been revealed whether or not Reynolds and Lively are having another girl, fans have been speculating that a name drop in Swift’s new album Midnights could be a hint to their next baby’s name.

“I see the great escape, so long, Daisy Mae,” the song “You’re on Your Own, Kid” says, and it has now had fans wondering whether or not this is a hint to what both Reynolds and Lively are planning.

The internet has found a way to find comrades in this battle—meaning many are happy that they’re not alone in trying to figure out if the use of “Daisy Mae” in this song is in fact because of Lively and Reynolds’ new baby.

Honestly? Imagine how cool you’d be going to school and getting to tell your friends that Taylor Swift wrote a song about you before you were even born? I’d make sure everyone knew how cool I was and how I had a whole lovely song about me.

I wish my mom had been friends with Taylor Swift

Maybe it is a me thing or maybe there are others like me out there, but I love to search for songs with my name it in. I was going to be an Elizabeth, so I could have claimed “betty” but then my mom changed her mind so I’ll always be angry about that one. But I love the idea of having my name in a song that I can listen to whenever I want or, in my more cinematic dreams, someone can sing to me to profess their love to me.

The problem for me is that there aren’t tons of great songs about Rachels. But if my parents had been friends with someone like Taylor Swift (so probably like a Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon type), then I could have a beautiful song about my name. And look, Inez isn’t the most popular name, but now she has one of the most beautiful songs with her name in it, and that’s pretty cool!

So we’ll probably have to wait until Reynolds and Lively announce the name of their next child to get any kind of confirmation, but look, if their baby is named in Midnights, then they have some of the best Taylor Swift tracks as part of the Reynolds/Lively household.

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