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Talk Show Legend Dick Cavett and Comedian Dave Hill Have a Webseries and Please Make This a Real Show Right Now Please

This is very exciting to a very specific group of people.


Dick Cavett is one of the best talk show hosts of all time, and he has no bigger fan than comedian Dave Hill. Though, he does have a few creepier fans, as he talks about in this clip from their new webseries Dick & Dave. They put three clips up today, and director Benjamin Harrison promises “tons of these!”

The first three videos in the series are all in a playlist on the YouTube embed above. They’re quick; one of them is just 21 seconds long. Hopefully the oncoming “tons of these” will feature a lot more conversation between the two, but if the series is a just a bunch of videos of Dave Hill being amazed by Dick Cavett doing magic, then I’m still hooked.

(via Explosive Industries)

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